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Habitat Nelson is looking for a photo volunteer

We’re looking for a Communications Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Nelson who would be taking photos and videos on development site(s).

Do you want to help and be part of Habitat Nelson? They’re looking for a Communications volunteer who’ll capture progress of construction workers and contractors through photos and videos.


  • Basic knowledge of taking photos and videos. Advanced knowledge is desirable.
  • Driving license.
  • Available during the week, preferably one or two mornings.

Training: Communications Manager will provide basic training.

Time/frequency: up to 2 hours a week – TBD.

Availability: Starting at the beginning of August. Short-term vacancy until the end of October – possibly to be extended.

For more info, contact Katka at [email protected]


Article type: Job Vacancies, Volunteer Opportunities and Offers

Contact Name: Katka Jackson

Contact Email: [email protected]

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