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Are you interested in learning what it takes to become a community leader?

Would you like to join the governing board of a community organisation for a year to learn how everything works, how decisions are made etc?

You will have an assigned mentor from the board you are a part of, you will be able to participate in board meeting and there will be four learning forums throughout the year that all participants and mentors can attend.


Big Brothers Big Sisters started this programme in 2019. It was super successful but they didn’t have the staff available to run it anymore so have kindly entrusted the running of the programme to Volunteer Nelson. This is partly because of our good track record with running youth programmes and events and partly because the programme sits well with our kaupapa, most people sitting on community boards are volunteers after all. This is not to say it doesn’t give you good experience for sitting on boards where the positions are paid!

Structure of the Programme

As a participant, you will become an honorary member of a community organisation board for one year, from the 1 July to the end of June 2023. You will attend their monthly board meetings, you will be encouraged to have your say in decisions and give your perspective as a young person.

Big Brothers Big Sisters have instilled a strong focus on mentoring in the programme. We want to keep that going as we feel it is a real strength. You will be assigned a member of the board as a mentor. They will help you on your learning journey.

There will be four learning forums throughout the year, one every three months. All the participants in the programme are invited and their mentors.

How many places are there?

There are 15 places on the programme. Each participant is matched with a different community board. Examples of some of the boards that have taken part in the past are Victory Community Centre, Health Action, Trust, Cancer Society, Volunteer Nelson, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Project Janzoon. etc. The programme is open to 16 – 30 year olds.

When do applications close?

Expressions of interest for the 2022/23 programme have closed. You can still express your interest in the 2023/24 programme by filling in the form below.

How do I apply?

Fill out the application of interest form below and a member of the Volunteer Nelson team will be in touch via email. Alternatively email [email protected] or phone 03 546 7681 ext 3.

Expression of Interest Form

Youth into Governance Registration of Interest
We're interested to know your motivations for taking part as well as well as a bit about you, your interests and what school or training provider you go to, if any.
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