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Volunteer Nelson is collaborating with Youth and Community Works, Nelson Youth Events, the Nelson Tasman Youth Workers Collective and Big Brothers Big Sisters to bring you opportunities for young people in volunteering, leadership and governance.

Youth and Community Works has been busy delivering training to youth organisations in the area of governance, leadership and volunteering. Along with support from Volunteer Nelson, they also put on the Young Change Makers event which brought together over 60 young people to take part in facilitated workshops, hear from inspiring speakers and collaborate on ideas for change in the areas of environment, economy, politics and social.

The next governance opportunity, is presented by Big Brothers Big Sisters. This is an opportunity to join the board of a community organisation for a year to learn more about community governance. To apply, just fill in the form below or email one of the project coordinators – Gaile Noonan: [email protected], Ross Newman: [email protected], Bill Dahlberg: [email protected].

Are you interested in finding out how community organisations are run?

Are you in the 15 to 25 age group?

Would you like to join the board of a community organisation for a year to learn about the governance and management required to make the organisation run well?

If so the Youth in Governance Project is for you!

Youth into Governance Registration of Interest
We're interested to know your motivations for taking part as well as well as a bit about you, your interests and what school or training provider you go to, if any.
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