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Preventing family and sexual violence in ethnic communities – workshops with MSD

The Ethnic Communities Violence Prevention team within MSD is hosting a series of workshops and for our region the invitation is extended to attend workshops online.

MSD is in the early phases of work to prevent family violence and sexual violence in ethnic communities.

The Ethnic Communities Violence Prevention team within MSD will be hosting a series of workshops around the country to hear from ethnic communities, organisations and providers on the unique challenges and barriers they face and the solutions that could work for them.  For the Nelson-Tasman, Marlborough and West Coast Region, the option is to attend online, virtual workshops (check the link below).

The workshops will explore community-driven and community-led solutions to prevent violence and abuse, as well as present and discuss opportunities to work together with MSD over the next few years on prevention initiatives.  MSD wants this to be a community-led initiative, and you might be interested in attending if you have experience with ethnic communities.

The workshops aim to add to the limited understanding of family and sexual violence experienced by ethnic communities across Aotearoa.  MSD wants to continue the conversations you may have been having with other government agencies and develop a more comprehensive understanding on the various forms of family and sexual violence impacting Aotearoa’s diverse ethnic communities.

We would appreciate your experience, your knowledge, and the engagement of your communities to help us identify the key issues we need to be aware of for this work.  We want to emphasise that these roadshows are aimed at engaging people from, or working with, ethnic communities – with an interest in taking action to prevent family and sexual violence.

If you are concerned about preventing family or sexual violence in your community, please register to attend using the following link:

Ethnic Communities Violence Prevention | Eventbrite

We particularly want to hear from:

  • people in ethnic communities (African, Asian, Latin-American, Middle Eastern and continental European)
  • ethnic family and sexual violence service providers
  • rural, youth, rainbow, disabled and older people from ethnic communities
  • faith and community leaders
  • refugees and migrants
  • other representatives and champions of ethnic communities.

Please note that the workshop will be held in English.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with the Ethnic Communities Violence Prevention team at: [email protected]

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