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CALL NOW! 03 546 7681 – an online space for affordable home shares, an online portal for women to connect to find affordable home-share solutions, has seen a flurry of registrations. If you are a woman wanting to share a space in your home or looking for a home to share, this service is for you. Please help spread the word.

Home Share for Her, a not-for-profit organization in the Top of the South, launched its website portal, in November 2023 in answer to the growing need for affordable housing in Nelson Tasman. During Community Action Nelson’s ‘What is a home?’ exhibition in 2022 it became evident that the greatest proportion of those looking for suitable housing in the region, were women. The website was designed off the back of the formation of the Home Share for Her trust – for women to connect with each other to address their housing needs and forge social connections.

HomeShare for Her has been funded by the DIA, Tindall Foundation and Ministry for Women. While it is not a service for women in crisis, the website enables independent like-minded women to find affordable accommodation solutions which will reduce the pressure on the public housing system.

There was a flurry of Home Seeker and Home Owner registrations over the Summer Holiday despite the service being in its infancy. The trust looks forward to seeing more women connecting and finding homes this year.

How it works… has been designed to guide Home Owners and Home Seekers through the process of uploading their profiles and provides useful resource documents, like sharing agreements and police checks. A Home Owner could be someone who has a room or a section of their home they would like to share with another woman – a Home Seeker. Home Seekers can register their housing needs, view home spaces available, and also connect with other Home Seekers directly to hunt for a home together.

Visit to register interest or email any queries not answered on the website, to [email protected]

Read more about the service in the January / February 2024 issue of Nelson’s Best Life Magazine.



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Contact Name: Lindsay
Contact Phone: 022 438 9072
Contact Email: [email protected]

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