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Citizen Advice Bureau

Campaign to Address Digital Exclusion 1. Leave no-one behind: Ensure that steps are taken to address digital exclusion and that no-one is left behind or left out because they can’t or don’t wish to engage online. 2. Public services accessible to all: Implement accessibility and inclusion standards for the delivery of public services that include offline channels as part of the proactive design of government service delivery. 3. CAB compensated for cost-shifting: Ensure that the Citizens Advice Bureau is properly funded to meet the demands and cost-shifting that has resulted from government services going online.
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Free mental wellbeing support service for health workers

Health Care New Zealand as part of the Ministry of Health’s psychosocial response by providing access to psychological health and wellbeing support, is providing a free counselling service for frontline health care professionals and care workers who are seeking mental health and wellbeing support during the COVID-19 response. Health care professionals and care workers can access this confidential service by calling 0800 820 080 to make an appointment with an experienced therapist.
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