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Project Covid-19 is a collaboration between Volunteer Nelson and Neighbourhood Support Nelson, which is funded by Nelson City Council. This project is one of the multiple initiatives from Nelson City Council to support communities during this time of extreme disruption.

PROJECT Covid-19 will be mostly concerned with organisations that provide service to vulnerable people or groups of vulnerable people. It will be one of the conduits of information from Civil Defence Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to these organisations, and feeding information from community organisations back to EOC. This will give EOC the information to take effective action where it is needed most.  Additionally project Covid-19 wants to match staff in those organisations with excess capacity with those organisations who need assistance. If you either need assistance or can provide it, please read on to find out what to do next.

Project Covid-19 has three purposes:


Official messaging from the EOC will be distributed to those community organisations who have vulnerable clients/members. We will be asking you what form of communication your organisation wants to use for these messages, and also what form of communication your vulnerable clients/members need.

What you can do:

If you are an organisation who provides services to vulnerable clients, or has members who are vulnerable (e.g. seniors living alone, living with a disability, english as a second language etc.) please register here by clicking on the button below.

Organisation & Client Support

We will seek to obtain a good picture/map of your organisation’s operational needs during this time, as well as the needs of your vulnerable clients on the ground.


What you can do: 

If you are an organisation with vulnerable clients, and you are needing additional support due to an increased workload, or you have issues relating to service delivery, please complete this online form:

Organisation to Organisation Staff Exchange

We shall seek to match volunteers from within community organisations with other organisations that have an increased workload at this time. The focus will be helping organisations with vulnerable clients in a safe manner. We will be requiring that all volunteers have had criminal conviction checks or police vetting done.


What you can do:  

If you are an organisation, who has spare staff capacity, because your services have declined/ceased,  we would like to hear from you. We will be seeking offers of volunteering from your team. If you can assist, please register on this online form:

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