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Testimonials – Tutors


Tutor, New Migrant Sewing Club

“I google searched to find volunteer jobs and found one through Volunteer Nelson. I was new to Nelson after working at the Ministry for Social Development in Wellington. I knew a bit about Nelson’s refugee services. I started working in the English Learning Classroom with mothers and babies and then got involved with sewing. I liked working with the babies because my grandchildren are overseas. With sewing, I like being able to pull out and make use of baby patterns again. Thank you to the Quilter’s Symposium who donated three machines to the club and Russel’s Curtains who donate lots of the fabric.”


    Tutor, Adult Learning Support

    “Tutoring is like solving a puzzle and looking for the missing piece. People come for different reasons, some for assistance when sitting exams. Tutoring is one on one. A student may see one tutor one day of the week, and be working on something and see another on another day and be working on something else.

    I have volunteered for 1 year. A reason I like being a volunteer tutor is that I can identify with the problems after noticing dyslexia symptoms in my own kids. I see how easily kids that do not get help in the school system can start to fail in life and their self-esteem can go down.

    Literacy for adults is different from children. You can’t just read children’s books to learn. The way we work is to find what interests the student and tailor the learning around that. For example, my student Lee is motivated by learning about Trade Me and how to do online banking and email. There is lots of reading and comprehension involved within that.”