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Testimonials – Presbyterian Support

Volunteer Support Workers at Presbyterian Support’s Harakeke Day Service Programme for Elderly with Dementia.


Support Worker

“It’s a nice place. Nice food. They (the clients) like to help with little things like folding washing just general things to be helpful.”

    Mini golf


      Support Worker

      “I like the teamwork. It’s a fun job and we are helping people at the same time.”


        Support Worker

        “I like welcoming them in the morning from their homes. They have a light in their eyes. I like the craft and the colouring. It’s good to know they are getting a good meal each day. It’s warm, friendly and they feel safe.”

          Recognizing Mother's Day objects


            Support Worker

            “My favourite things to play with them are ten pin bowling, target, add up, word games and golf. It’s great how they can know all the words to all the songs even when they don’t remember other things.”