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Testimonials – Hospital Volunteers


Hospital Buggy Driver

“I like meeting people. We can have the world’s problems sorted out in the time it takes to get to the hospital door.The buggy is a modified golf buggy, with an extra seat on the back. It has a top speed of 17km/hr. Goes all over the hospital grounds from Child Development Services up by the Helicopter Landing Pad, to the Mental Heath Admissions Unit, down the hill to the bus stop and up to Emergency and Orthopaedics and Waimea Road Bus Stop. The buggy can be called from any bus stop or at exits to hospital and the radio will tell driver which collection point to go to.

There is high vis wet weather gear supplied, kindly donated to the buggy drivers. Drivers generally work 2 shifts a month. More drivers are needed.”


    Volunteer Supervisor, Hospital Shop

    “I like running the shop because I like making the life’s of patients and staff just that wee bit more comfortable. The profits from the hospital shop are donated to the hospital. Each year a memo goes out to all the Head of Departments asking what they would like funding for that the DHB won’t cover. The shop picks which it would like to donate the money to. It’s things like TVs, furniture and bedding. We have also bought two expensive eye machines that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to be purchased.Most volunteers do one shift per week. Most of the volunteers have been very long term. Working with volunteers is very different to with paid staff.”



      Hospital Shop Volunteer

      “I like volunteering now I’m retired because its something to get up for. Can’t just stop and do nothing. I worked at the shop and then roped my wife in to work as well. I’m a driver for the Red Cross as well. I like the opportunity to meet people.”