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Testimonials – Red Cross


Volunteer Red Cross Shop

“I’ve worked as a volunteer at the Red Cross Shop for one and a half years. I enjoy giving back to the community, the people contact and helping people less fortunate. The shop has a nice feel because everyone wants to be here. Fun parts of the job are things like dressing the manniquins.”

    Meals on Wheels


    Doreen: “I have volunteered since 1999.”

    Sabina: “I’ve volunteered since 2007. I like to give back to the community. It’s great to meet people in their homes. Sometimes you’re the only person they see all day.”

    Allen: “I’ve volunteered since 2009. Work is usually 1 day a week, there are between 2 and 14 meals to be delivered.” 

    Karen: “I was previously a nurse so this is something good to do in retirement.”

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