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Supported Volunteering Programme



The Supported Volunteering Programme is a new initiative at Volunteer Nelson that aims to assist people living with a disability who would benefit from participating in a volunteering activity. A buddy volunteer is a volunteer who works alongside the disabled person to assist in removing barriers, wherever possible, in their chosen volunteering role.

About being a Buddy Volunteer

Disabled people frequently encounter the same barriers when seeking a volunteering opportunity as when seeking paid employment. As a result they miss out on the benefits of volunteering which includes developing new skills, contributing to something that is important, meeting new people and connecting to the community. The role of the support volunteer is to assist in removing these barriers as far as is practicable. In time; it may be possible for the buddy volunteer to step back and allow the disabled person (the client) to continue independently in their role.

An important feature of the Supported Volunteering Programme is that Volunteer Nelson will endeavour to assist the client to find a volunteering opportunity that meets the client’s interest. In so doing the client is able to regain a sense of autonomy. Volunteer Nelson will coordinate the matching of the client and the buddy volunteer as well as the placement of the client in a volunteer-involving organisation.

The requirement for a buddy volunteer is:

  • An interest in working with people with a range of disabilities.
  • A desire for an inclusive society.
  • An awareness of the rights of the disabled person.
  • A willingness to develop a working relationship with the client and the organisation.
  • The ability to identify a barrier and to take the necessary steps to remove it.
  • To have a sense of fun.
  • To not have a criminal record.

If you would like to participate in this programme as a buddy volunteer, then Sign Up here as a volunteer. If you are already registered as a volunteer with us, please Sign In and refer yourself to this role. It’s under Volunteer Nelson.

To register as a Buddy Volunteer please complete the form HERE, and we’ll be in touch.

If you have any other questions about the Supported Volunteering Programme, then contact Belinda on (03) 546 7681 or email belinda@volunteernelson.org.nz .