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Led by example and don’t interrupt others
Always ask “Is now a good time to talk?”
If you work in an open plan office, work out a way you can ‘hide’. Organise a wall,
a screen or a door that can create a physical barrier when you need it.
Allocate time out of the office (at home, at the park, at a café),
so you can work on things without interruptions.
Use Flexi-Time – come to work an hour before
everyone else starts and leave an hour earlier.
Make sure your desk is not in a high traffic area eg. Beside the photocopier!
If it is – make sure you face your desk away from the traffic.
If you work in a shared office, wear ear plugs or headphones to
avoid being tempted into other people’s conversations.
Have shared breaks so you people have the
opportunity to chat away from their desk.
Use voice mail and set aside time to return calls.
Time your phone calls and consciously wind-up the conversation.
Stand up when talking on the phone to keep conversations brief.
Set aside uninterrupted time every day
– use signs or funny hats to let people know you are ‘in-the-zone’.
Schedule meetings for your ‘slump’ time.
Know the purpose of the meeting ahead of time.
Let people know what time you need the meeting to end ahead of time.
(Top Tip: Make meetings 45 minutes instead of an hour)
Turn off email alerts.
Set-Up an Email Auto-response that says
“I only reply to emails once a day, please phone me if it’s urgent.”
Don’t have Facebook running in the background.
Plan for interruptions and over allocate time for scheduled tasks.

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