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Volunteer offer of help with spreadsheets and organising data

Vince is looking to offer some assistance to anyone who needs long or short term help to manage some of their data.  He prefers something in the background, not a position of responsibility or a prominent role

Vince says he has experience in collating daily data in the form of creating spreadsheets and organising that data into reports to be used and presented to the board for their analysis.
He has a real passion for spreadsheeting, but he looking for similar projects, whether it is just left to me to sort and create, or even just to assist someone who needs an extra bit of help or guidance to expand what they have, and is looking for something a little extra.
Please email Ellie and she will put you in touch.

Article type: Job Vacancies, Volunteer Opportunities and Offers

Contact Name: Ellie Young

Contact Email: [email protected]

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