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World premiere of the British play “All of Us”

This month Restorative Justice Nelson, along with generous funding from the Ministry of Justice, Borrin Foundation and Tasman Creative Communities, are touring a professional theatre production, entitled “All of Us”.

This British play centres around a family fractured by violence and incarceration. As one member of the family comes to the end of his prison sentence, he starts to explore the possibility of a Restorative Justice conference with the rest of his family. The play follows each family members’ journey through the RJ process.
The play will be followed by a Q and A with the actors and two Restorative Justice facilitators. This offers the audience an opportunity to raise questions about Restorative Justice and for us to put Restorative Justice in its context here in Aotearoa. A program will also be available for free to all audience members which offers further information about Restorative Justice, and signposts people to places they can get support locally if they are affected by any of the themes raised by the play.
We are privileged to be staging this play’s world premiere.  Come and be a part of it!
Murchison Theatre -May 6th
Playhouse Theatre Mapua- May 12th
Playhouse Theatre Takaka- May 13th
Suter Theatre Nelson- May 27th
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The link to tickets is here:




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