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Tell us how you’re doing

Kōrerotia, speak up! Tell us how the last 2 years have been for you and your community group. Let us know what challenges you are facing and the wins that you have had. How are things looking? How can we help?

Over the past two years, Hui E! Community Aotearoa and partner organisations have been working to understand the challenges and mahi in the community and voluntary sector. We want to be able to highlight the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and other events on our sector and are supporting the collection of data that can be used to advocate for systemic change.  Please fill out this survey and share your stories so that we can together push forward for our communities, hapū and iwi:


Article type: News and information

Contact Name: Ronja Ievers
Contact Phone: 02102229325
Contact Email: [email protected]

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