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Living Library – 18 June

In our living library, ‘book ’ are real people from Whakatū , all of whom have their own story to tell. Borrowers are invited to check out a ‘book’ for a 15-minute conversation or you can get to know and better understand some of the diverse people living in our city.

Tea and coffee will be provided along with ice-breaker question to help make your experience comfortable.

If you would like to be one of our living book , plea e get in touch by contacting [email protected]

Sunday 18 June, 2pm in the Elma Turner Pop-up Library.

Article type: Meetings, events and training
Start date: June 18, 2023
Start time: 2:00 PM
End Date: June 18, 2023
End Time: 3:30 PM
Venue: Elma Turner Library
27 Halifax Street

New Zealand

Contact Name: Rosamund Feeney

Contact Email: [email protected]

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