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Care in the Community Disability Welfare Fund

Employable is pleased to be able to partner with the Ministry of Social Development to assist people with disabilities and their families who have been affected by Covid-19.

This initiative has been funded by the Ministry of Social Development to provide support to anyone (and their families) who identifies as having a disability, who has also been directly affected by Covid-19 in some way. A disability can be defined as a broad scope of conditions, including physical or intellectual disabilities, mental health conditions, long-term chronic illness, and the like.

Individuals can apply for a maximum of $2000. Our organisation holds a maximum of $50 000 to distribute in the Nelson Tasman, Marlborough, and West Coast Regions of the South Island until the end of June of 2023.

Here is a fact sheet that contains more information about the fund.

In order to apply, candidates need to complete the application form. This form is designed to be completed online in Microsoft Word. Each area in which information is required will expand automatically.

Once the form is completed it will need to be saved by an applicant and sent to us including any supporting information. Details are on the Notes page of the form as to how the form may be delivered to us.

The application form provides us with the basic information that we will require from an applicant, but we may need to also talk to them about their application.

Potential applicants are welcome to call us on (03 546 9206) to discuss their application or ask any questions.

Please feel free to circulate this information widely among those that you know who have disabilities (including their families) and may have been impacted in some way by Covid.

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