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Changes for the 2022 local election

Important changes are happening this year for the Nelson City Council local election. Candidates are standing for election within a mixed-ward system, and voters will elect candidates using a Single Transferable Vote (STV).

Mixed-ward voting

With mixed-ward voting, some candidates standing for election will be elected “at large”, meaning the entire city will vote for them. Others will be elected for a particular ward, where only people enrolled in that ward can vote for them.

There are two general wards plus a Māori ward.

People on the General Roll will vote in one of the two general wards, depending on where they live in Nelson. People on the Māori Roll will vote for a candidate in the Whakatū Māori Ward. Use our interactive map to check which ward you’re in.

The wards are broken down as follows:

General wards (for people on the General Roll)

  • Central Ward – comprises the northern, central and eastern parts of the district.
  • Stoke-Tāhunanui Ward – comprises the southern urban part of the district.

People on the General Roll will be able to vote for the Mayor and four general ward councillors in their ward, in addition to three “at large” councillors.

Māori Ward (for people on the Māori Roll)

  • Whakatū Māori Ward – encompasses the full Nelson city electoral boundary for those on the Māori electoral roll.

People on the Māori Roll will be able to vote for the Mayor, one Māori ward councillor and three “at large” councillors.

Single Transferable Vote

Within the mixed-ward system, people will cast votes using a Single Transferable Vote system, or STV for short. Voters will rank candidates in order of preference starting with number 1 their favourite, 2 for their next favourite, and so on. They will vote this way for each list of candidates they see on their ballot (i.e. candidates standing for Mayor, candidates standing “at large”, and candidates standing within the voter’s ward). Voters do not need to rank all the candidates–just the ones they want to vote for.

For more information on how Single Transferable Vote works, check out these animations:

For more information on wards, STV, or the elections in general, visit the Nelson City Council Election Hub at Shape Nelson.


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