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The Review into the Future for Local Government wants to hear from you(th)!

We’re leading a once in a lifetime review into the future for local government and we need young people to tell us about the Aotearoa they want to live in, in 2050. It’s your turn to be the loudest and make a difference at Get Vocal in Your Local.

Get Vocal in Your Local is an online tool that makes it easy for young people to have their voices heard in the Review into the Future for Local Government. It’s interactive and engaging and it takes just 5 minutes to complete.


Our rangatahi are our future. But in our conversations with young people, we heard that youth often don’t understand what local government is, what it does, or how they can get involved. Many young people don’t feel like they have a voice in the big issues that affect them.


With Get Vocal in Your Local, you don’t have to know anything about local government to have your say. All you need to do to get started is to pick a place in Aotearoa that’s important to you.


The tool guides users through questions related to the big issues the Review is looking in to, like who gets to have a say in decision-making, which voices matter, and what the voting age should be.


For more information about the Review into the Future for Local Government, please see our website: Review into the Future for Local Government


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Contact Name: Caitlin Turner

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