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Tasman District Council Waste Minimisation Funds

Tasman District Council has three different waste minimisation grants to help reduce waste in the community.

Tasman District Council has recently established two new waste minimisation grants that may be of interest to your organisation.

We now have three different waste minimisation grants, each designed to meet an identified community need. These are:

  1. Waste minimisation grants for community events
  2. Waste minimisation grants for schools, early childhood centres and community groups
  3. Waste minimisation projects grant (for larger, innovative waste minimisation projects)

Applications for the events and school/community grants are open year-round and applications will be considered as they are received.

Applications for the larger waste minimisation projects grant will be considered in up to three rounds per year. The first round is open until Sunday 29th May.

You can read the criteria for each grant and complete an online application form by visiting and searching “waste minimisation grants”.

If you have any questions about our waste minimisation grants, please contact: [email protected]

Article type: News and information

Contact Name: Jessie Cross

Contact Email: [email protected]

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