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ReStore Nelson

Call for volunteers

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a place to put your talents to work.

From customer service to merchandising to event planning, Habitat ReStore Nelson offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities geared toward individual interests and skills. In addition to helping families create safe, decent and affordable housing in Nelson Tasman, you can expect a fun and rewarding time while volunteering at ReStore Nelson! It’s a great place to interact with ReStore staff and your fellow volunteers while engaging with the community.

One of our volunteers adds, “I have not felt so appreciated for being ‘me’ in a long time. It’s a credit to the community, family environment that Habitat ReStore has going in Nelson, and I have truly appreciated working alongside all my fellow volunteers.”

It’s such a wonderful atmosphere here, whenever we come in we love connecting with people and having a laugh. It’s also humbling to see how many people are in need of the services we provide – from the pieces we sell to housing.” adds another volunteer.

By giving your time and talents, you can help the Habitat ReStore do more to support homebuilding projects that benefit families in our community. If you want to help, be part of the community, give back, and you’re passionate about recycling or want to just get to know new people, be part of a community and socialise with others, ReStore would love to hear from you at [email protected].

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Contact Name: Katka Jackson
Contact Phone: 022 394 0204
Contact Email: [email protected]

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