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Stoke development – Stage 1

There has been a lot of underground work done this week at 623 Main Road, Stoke. Allen Plumbing and Advanced Electrical were completing the underfloor pipework in preparation for the concrete being poured by Smart Builds next Tuesday for the two rear pads. #soexciting #foundationsfoundations

The drainage company, Laser Plumbing, will start on site next week as well to move us onto the next stage.

NMIT homes moved to Wakefield

We have successfully moved all three Habitat Nelson homes that have been built by NMIT students from NMIT Richmond Campus to their interim location in Wakefield, waiting for their final destination.  Jo, Sandra and Nick had to have a look-see – it was quite an undertaking! Thanks to our friends and long-term supporters at Perriam Enterprises, it all went smoothly. Each home was moved to Wakefield in under two hours! You can read more in our Stuff article here – with more on the Nelson App:

Nelson ReStore – new Assistant Manager

Welcome Mandy! Mandy Silcock joined the ReStore team in January this year, coming from an extensive background in the retail industry.

She has taken on the role of Assistant Manager supporting Becky in our ever-increasing mega ReStore. The growth since moving to the new Hub site has been phenomenal and as Mandy says it is “so rewarding being part of a much bigger picture”.

Being part of an organisation with a great team all working together, joining with volunteers, helping the community, and the environment, all while raising funds for the mission ticks so many great boxes.” We are so happy to have you Mandy…and Becky is delighted too! “Mandy has worked in retail from a very young age and has a wealth of knowledge to share with us. She is super motivated and passionate about the cause and we’re so excited to have her on the team. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together!”

If you haven’t met Mandy yet, go and say hi – she’s the one on the left!

Rachel’s jams

Every one of you might know Rachel, our Nelson ReStore volunteer, who makes 2 batches of marmalades or jams every week and brings it to the ReStore counter on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Restore donates sugar, and fruits are mostly donated by other people. She is making all sort of flavours  – from Lousia plums or passionfruit to lemon – pretty much anything except grapefruit! One batch does 2 kg of jam or 3 kg of marmalade, filling at least 6 jars.

Rachel’s tireless work over the years has resulted in increased support for our work at Habitat. This week she has made 11 jars of Red Plum jam and next week she will do a Lemonade Marmalade and a Black Boy Peach jam – thanks to this fruit ripening up at present in her friends’ garden.  These jams became very popular among Nelson ReStore customers that are now regularly stopping by to stock on jams. Thank you Rachel for your hard work!

BUT! Unfortunately, her passionfruit died, so if anybody has a spare passionfruit or apricots (as well as any extra fruits you might have), please let her/Becky know. She would be very grateful for any donations.

NCC repair café – Saturday 26th Feb

There is a Repair Café taking place next Saturday 26th February 2022, 10am-1pm organised by Nelson City Council (NCC). NCC Repair Cafés are community events which match people with broken household items with skilled volunteers or specialists who like fixing things. They’re fixing items and building a community. NCC is encouraging to bring household items for smaller repairs – examples include:

  • Electrical repairs (no large appliances, microwaves and electric blankets)
  • Clothing & leather
  • Small furniture or miscellaneous Household items
  • Bicycles
  • Toys
  • Tool maintenance

One item will be accepted per household, although if it’s not too busy, additional items may be repaired. It will be at the discretion of the Repair Café and the volunteers as to whether an item is suitable for repair, and you’ll be encouraged to observe and engage so that you can pick up new skills too.

The service is free although a little koha is appreciated. On average this Repair Café does about 40 repairs. Next Sunday is one event of many that Nelson City Council will organise in The Buzz Room at the Habitat Hub – please see other dates below.


COVID-19 Reminder

Assume it’s everywhere! With the steep increase in Omicron cases, it’s inevitable that at some point we will come in contact with the virus. Please continue to be vigilant – wear your mask at all times if possible, keep your distance and use hand-sanitiser often. Our premises at Habitat Hub are cleaned daily – most of the surfaces and bathrooms. Even though we try to keep you all safe and have measures in place, you are our eyes and ears. If you have any concerns about health and safety measures, please email us right away [email protected].

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