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Help us make local elections easier to be a part of – tell us your thoughts!

We know there are a number of groups within our community who are traditionally under-represented in local elections. Young people, Māori, Pacific peoples, and other non-Pākehā communities are less likely to stand as candidates or vote.

These groups also tend to experience more barriers than others when it comes to participating in local elections.

These may include not having English as a first language, a lack of accessibility to resources or information, not knowing what Nelson City Council does, or not seeing themselves reflected in the organisation. Other barriers also exist and may impact, for instance, those who are blind, deaf or hard of hearing, or people with mental health conditions.

You know best what information and support would make a difference for you to overcome these barriers, which is why we want to hear directly from you and your communities.

What barriers reduce your likelihood of participating in local democracy? What opportunities or resources might help you overcome these barriers? How do you and your community prefer to communicate and receive information?

A number of things will be changing for the Nelson City Council local election in 2022. Voters will be using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system to identify their preferred candidates and a new ward system will be established.

We want to ensure all Nelsonians fully understand these changes, and that as many people as possible can be a part of choosing Nelson’s next representatives.

Please help us by telling us your thoughts at

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Contact Name: Devorah Nicuarta-Smith

Contact Email: [email protected]

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