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Isel Market is becoming a Zero Waste market: VOLUNTEERS WANTED

Do you know the Isel Twilight Market? It’s an awesome food, craft and produce market taking place in Isel Park (Stoke) weekly during daylight saving. We want to make it the first Zero Waste weekly market in the region, with the help of our community.
Using waste separating stations, we can divert all the market rubbish from landfill! Awesome hey?
We are looking at establishing a partnership with an organisation or community group to help us manning the waste separation stations against donations.


Our objective is to use waste separating stations and send most of the rubbish generated by the market (compostable disposables) to Community Compost for processing. And the other wastes sent to the recycling centres that can handle them.
We need volunteers or community groups to help us manning the separation stations.

We are hoping to find a registered non profit organisation or fundraising group to supervise those two waste separation stations during markets, against donations and some lovely food for diner ;-)
Here are the details of what we are looking for. Only from covid Level1:

2/3 volunteers every Thursday from 4pm to 8.30pm from level1 announcement to end of March 2022
Job detail: to manage 2 waste separation stations (it is basically to make sure market visitors put the right rubbish in the right bin). One person at each station is ok, a third person is more comfortable to get a diner/toilet break (it can be different people each week)
Hours: arrive at the market at 4pm at the latest to be trained to manage the station and be ready to start at 4.30pm when the market opens. The market finishes at dark, so around 8.30pm, sometimes earlier, sometimes slightly later
Shine only: the market operates rain or shine. When it rains: the market is smaller and won’t need volunteers for the separation stations. We will inform on Wednesday afternoon
Food: food vouchers will be provided to each volunteer to get a meal, from a choice of 3 of the food carts present at the market

For registered organisations we will make a $40 donation each week volunteers are supporting the market with waste separation.

We are very keen to make our Stoke local market zero waste, but we cannot do it without our community’s support.

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Contact Name: Caroline

Contact Email: [email protected]

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