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Youth Employment Success activates youth in Nelson Tasman

Youth Employment Success is an online platform bringing 16-24 year-olds together with youth-friendly employers who are willing to provide young people with work-related experiences. In September, an awareness campaign about the platform gets underway for youth – employers are already lined up and ready to work alongside them.

Youth Employment Success (YES) kicks off a campaign this week to activate use of the online platform by young people in Nelson Tasman/Marlborough.

Youth Employment Success is a platform providing direct access for people aged 16 to 24 to youth-friendly employers offering work-related opportunities. The opportunities are designed to help young people grow in confidence in work settings and in interacting with employers, to help them explore career options in the region, and to help employers attract fresh talent to their industries.

“We’re encouraging young people in our region to make this platform their own – to get online, explore opportunities, and see what the region has to offer them,” said MSD Regional Commissioner for the West Coast, Nelson and Marlborough, Craig Churchill.

YES was rolled out late last year for employers to join in Nelson-Tasman and Marlborough and is funded locally by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).
The kinds of opportunities employers provide include having a coffee meet-up with a young person to talk about getting started in a career, providing them with a business walk-through, a CV review, mentoring or an internship.

“Young people have been disproportionately affected by the economic impact of COVID-19,” said Craig.

“The YES platform brings young people into direct contact with employers, building relationships and confidence and encouraging young people to be part of the economic recovery we’re working towards. It’s particularly important we encourage our young people to explore opportunities in our home region wherever we can.”

The Youth Employment Success programme started six years ago in Dunedin and has since been gathering momentum around the South Island. It’s free for to join and for young people to use.


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