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Community Capability and Resilience Fund

The Community Capability and Resilience Fund (CCRF) is a fund available to iwi, hapü and community groups for initiatives that support the rebuild and recovery from COVID-19. The $36 million fund became available on 1 August 2020. Applications open in 2021 from 2 August to 14 September.

The CCRF continues to build on the success of the Community Awareness and Preparedness Grant Fund (CAPG Fund), which was established by the government to provide immediate support to communities during the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020. The purpose of the CCRF remains the same – it provides assistance and support for community groups working with priority populations, as they respond, rebuild and recover from the impacts of COVID-19. The CCRF is targeted towards initiatives that support priority groups, which include Māori, Pacific and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

Who can apply?
The CCRF is for community organisations supporting their community to recover from impacts of COVID-19 and strengthen their social and economic wellbeing.
Community organisations that:
received significant funding in the previous round;
can demonstrate they’ve been able to support community outcomes, and can continue to do so with further investment;
are endorsed by an MSD Regional Office;
will receive a higher weighting in the assessment process than applicants for new initiatives.

Examples of community groups who can apply are:
Local marae, whānau, hapū, iwi;
Multicultural councils;
Ethnic community organisations;
Faith based, religious and church groups;
Community Hubs;
Not for profit organisations and social enterprise.
The CCRF enables these groups to focus on community wellbeing and efforts to help promote social inclusion.
Social inclusion involves having an equitable opportunity to participate, by choice, in everyday activities and ensuring all people have the social, economic, cultural and political resources needed to be able to join in and take up opportunities in everyday activities.

The online application at “” will ask for the following key information:
Description of your community initiative and its benefits;
Charitable Trust OR NZBN registration number (If applicable);
Bank verification;
The fund will be open from 2 August 2021 to 14 September 2021. Applications will be assessed and moderated against above criteria. Payments will commence late September 2021.

We will not fund:
existing MSD/ govt service providers (there may be some exceptions on a case by case basis);
FTE salaries or wages;
operation and administration costs;
establishment and operation of Foodbanks;
loss of salaries or wages;
activities that intend to generate profit;
the promotion of commercial, political or religious objectives;
the purchase of alcohol;
Limited Companies unless you are a charitable trust.

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