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Winter Energy Payment 2021

The Ministry of Social Development Winter Energy Pay restarts from 1 May 2021

The Winter Energy Payment will be paid from 1 May to 1 October.

This payment can help people keep their homes and families warmer and healthier over winter.

People don’t need to apply for the Winter Energy Payment. If they’re eligible, they’ll get it automatically with their other payments.

Winter Energy Payment is back to normal

Last year, Winter Energy Payment was higher to help people through COVID-19. This year, it’s back to normal. Couples and people with dependent children will get $31.82 a week and single people will get $20.46 a week.

As 1 May is part-way through the pay period, people won’t get the full amount in their first May payment – their second payment will be for the full amount.
If people want to opt out – or they’ve opted out and now want to start getting it – they can complete the ‘Stop or restart Winter Energy Payment’ online form, or call MSD.

NZ Super or Veteran’s Pension

For couples getting NZ Super or Veteran’s Pension the Winter Energy Payment is paid to one person, because the payment system can’t split it across two accounts. People can switch the payment to the other person’s account by calling our Seniors line on 0800 552 002.

Seniors heading overseas over the winter months can keep getting Winter Energy Payment for up to 28 days while they’re away. People should tell us if they plan to be away for more than four weeks, otherwise we might pay them too much and have to ask for the money back.

How we’re letting people know

We’re emailing and writing to people to tell them they’re getting the Winter Energy Payment, but you may also like to remind people you work with about it.

There’s more information about the Winter Energy Payment on the Work and Income website

If you’ve got any questions about this, please get in touch.

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