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Suicide Bereavement Support- Aoake te Ra

Aoakea te Ra is a new national suicide bereavment support service now available in Nelson and Marlborough. Up to 4 free face to face or online sessions with trained counselors.

Aoake te Rā, a new free brief therapeutic service for those bereaved by suicide, is now being rolled out in the Nelson Marlborough area. It is an emerging service that has been developed using co-design with bereaved individuals, whānau and communities to assist the bereaved to adapt to their loss by suicide.
• Aoake te Rā offer a service for those needing focused support following bereavement by suicide. The service is:
o free
o available to all ages and at any stage after bereavement
o a brief service with approximately four hours support per person (eg four 60 minute sessions)
o available for individuals, couple or whānau groups
• They offer face to face, online and phone services
• They are one of a range of services that support people bereaved by suicide (working alongside community support services and longer term psychotherapeutic support) .
Please see the attached and their website for information about the service including providers currently available in your area. (under ‘find a provider’)

Please note as the service is just beginning in our area there are currently a limited number of providers.

We are anticipating an increase in providers over the next few months in Nelson Marlborough.

Note also that people who are bereaved by suicide can also access any of the providers across the country who are available to provide online support.

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