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Need a helping hand with waste?

Nelson City Council has grants to help your organization reduce waste – applications open from 19 April to 14 May

Nelson City Council is trialling grants to help organisations avoid or reduce waste. These grants can be used for many different activities – for example having a waste audit done and assistance with creating a waste minimisation plan, or setting up education and workshops for your community. Whether it’s about finding solutions for food waste or helping people move away from a throw-away culture, there is a lot of flexibility on the projects which can be considered. Up to $2,000 can be applied for subject to criteria, with applications being assessed by a panel of specialist officers. The final round of grants for this trial are open from 19 April to 14 May. If you would like more information or to discuss possible waste reductions ideas which might benefit your organisation, or would just like to know more about our Rethink Waste programme, please email [email protected] or call Karen Lee on 0276449800.

Information on the grants criteria and how to apply can be found here:

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Contact Name: Karen Lee
Contact Phone: 0276449800
Contact Email: [email protected]

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