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Youth lead Change

The Young Change Makers event on Friday was a huge success with young people from colleges all around the region in attendance. Students came ready to talk about big ideas and hear from inspiring speakers.

In the morning the young people heard from Johny O’Donnell of Project Kōkori who talked about economic factors in the wake of Covid-19.  They heard from Nelson City Councillor, Rohan O’Neill Stevens who talked about political factors, Ben from Community Compost and Sophie Weenink Smith, youth activist who talked about the environmental factors. There was a panel of youth speakers, Zoe Palmer, Zen Birchard-Shaw and Liam Biggs to talk about social factors. One of the participants commented, “It showed me how much is really going on in the community”. Another said, “It helped me remember that anyone, no matter how old, can make an impact”.

The keynote speaker Golriz Ghahramen MP was a big hit with attendees, with everyone gathering round to ask her questions before and after her talk. The afternoon was a chance for the young people to break out in to smaller groups and have discussions around each of the key areas, economic, political, environmental and social. They were then able to present their own ideas for change back to the wider group. There will be an opportunity for young people to develop their ideas and get support to put them into action following on from the event. This event was put on by Nelson Youth Events with support from Volunteer Nelson and funding from Nelson City Council. The event is part of a wider programme supporting young people into governance and community leadership.

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