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Nelson Marlborough Health and other resources

Check out these great resources including  How to wear a fabric face covering safely.

  1. The Golden Rules for Everyone at Level 2
  • This is to be used from Monday 31 August when the new Level 2 rule requiring face coverings to be worn on public transport kicks in
  • It can be printed in A4, A3 or larger
  1. Managing Fear and Uncertainty and all Alert Levels
  • This can be used at all levels
  • It’s text-dense. It’s best printed in A3 or larger.
  1.  Covid-19 Symptoms and Testing
  • A two-sided flier on when and how to get a COVID-19 test in the Nelson Marlborough region
  • It’s suitable for Level 2 when the community-based assessment centres are open

 See Attached information below for the PDF’s


My pick of other resources

Masks and face coverings are one of the hot topics right now. We’d also like people to know more about the resources available to them to help them with anxiety or stress.

Here are the national resources I recommend for promotion.

Not included in the list below, but available on the Unite Against COVID-19 website: Te Reo Maori, Pasifika and other translated resources, easy-read resources, NZ Sign Language, and large print/audio resources.

  1. Mask & face covering info

  1. Mental wellbeing resources

  1. Public health and hygiene

Please continue to promote and encourage the most important public health messages: Hand hygiene, covering sneezes, staying at home when sick etc

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