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Alzheimers Awareness and Fundraiser picnic, Tapawera gardens – 11 to 28 September

Bring your friends, families and picnic goodies (blankets and chairs) to 279 Tadmore Valley Road, Tapawera, Tasman, Fridays to Mondays, 11-28 Sept and enjoy a stroll around the gardens and views of the lambs frolicking as they herald in Spring! Tapawera has many more delights to enjoy so come for the day and support Alzheimers Awareness!
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Connecting New Zealanders to Employment, Education and Training is an all-of-government website that allows employers, job seekers and people seeking information about training to find out more about what’s available and provides links to agency websites for more detailed information. The website links to a vast range of government services for job seekers, employers and people looking to train or retrain, including:
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COVID-19 Power Credits

Many families, whanau and individuals are struggling to manage the cost of their power bills due to COVID-19 related changes. If you (or your clients) are in this situation, we may be able to help pay part of the bill. Register at or contact Nelson Budget Service for more information about the criteria.
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