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Treasure for the Nelson Organic Co-operative

The Nelson Organic Co-operative is seeking a volunteer Treasurer. Key tasks are:

1. Work with bookkeeper to produce a monthly report to the Board
2. Maintain oversight of the accounts and bookkeeping; and provide advice to the Board (decisions are made at the Board level).
3. Attend Board meetings (two hours once per month)
4. Lead the preparation of end of year accounts. [support is provided by other members of the Board]

As we are a co-operative organisation, we work together to share work/tasks. Our ethos is healthy organic food, sourced locally where possible, and made affordable through the collective efforts of our co-operative. Benefits of this volunteer role is that it provides membership of the Co-operative and ‘buying rights’ for well-priced organic food.

Article type: Job Vacancies and Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Name: Jo Gould
Contact Phone: 0272811548
Contact Email: [email protected]

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