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Increased assistance for people with rent arrears from 6 July

In November last year we let you know about a new option to help people keep their homes when overdue rent has put their tenancy at risk, the Rent Arrears Assistance Housing Support Product. The impact of COVID-19 on the current economic climate means households in rented accommodation in particular are more vulnerable to losing their homes, with greater likelihood of getting into difficulty with rent arrears.
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Seeking Employment

My name is John Scott. I originally came from South Africa to NZ when I was a baby. I live with Autism. Some may say I'm quite a sarcastic jokey person that will endeavour to lift people's spirits. My interests revolve around entertainment specifically films, video games and to a lesser extent TV shows. I have extensive knowledge around the making of films, actors, writers, etc. Because of my passion I write reviews about films I've watched, video games I've played and currently I volunteer for Fresh FM. Most recently I worked for a local residential care home as an engaging well partner which linked families with their loved one's via skype video calls during Covid19. During that I have discovered a new passion of working with people and I would love to gain more experience in the field of caregiving and connecting with others. I am open to any opportunity with your organisation in Nelson. Look out for me out and about on my electric scooter.
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