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Getting your QR code for NZ Covid Tracer App

For the tracer app, after some difficulty getting a QR code because we were a charity as opposed to a business, Volunteer Nelson got the following advice from Ministry of Health. This may help other organisations getting their QR Code. Their solution was to use the method they have been using for bulk uploads/businesses with more than one location.

I’ve sent you this email as you will have contacted us in the past few days about getting a QR code for your organisation.
Thanks for your patience. I’m pleased to advise that we now have a solution for those organisations who aren’t “businesses”.

The instructions that follow are those that we have written for large businesses with many locations, but in the interests of getting you the ability to get a code as soon as possible I didn’t wait until we had one specifically for organisations.
In your situation the process will be no different, except I’d expect that you will only fill out a single line of the sheet, unless of course you have multiple locations, then fill out as many lines as you need.

Below is a PDF that steps you through the easy steps and gives you instructions for how to fill out the spreadsheet.  
Also below is the CSV template (spreadsheet) to use. It is really important that you fill out the spreadsheet as it is, and don’t change any of the columns.  

The biggest issue will be finding your “BIC Number” but there’s a lookup in the PDF that will walk you through that. As an example, a church would follow the “Other Services” Industry “Religious Services” Sector and “Religious Organisations and Services” category, and come out with a code of :S954010

The easy steps for our bulk upload process are;
1. Complete the CSV File that is attached here to this email – naming it as Organisation Name – Bulk upload.csv
2. Email that file back to [email protected]
3. The Ministry of health team will pick up the file and prepare the bulk lot of posters.
4. The named user per location row, will get the poster emailed to them as a link to open and download their poster.
4. Print Display the posters prominently around your several buildings / locations.

If you have any trouble with the process, please call 0800 800 606 and we’ll do our best to sort it out.

PDF instructions and CSV template:

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