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Kindy Champion – Bruce

Photo by Charles Anderson, Nelson Weekly – thank you Charles!

Bruce Murry-Campbell has been volunteering in Kindergartens for the last 27 years after having an accident which left him unable to work. He volunteered 10 years at Birchwood Kindergarten, followed by 17 years at Stoke.

“Without him, we wouldn’t be able to run many of the extension programmes which he makes himself available to support,” says Toshi Phillips who nominated Bruce for our November The Car Company Community Champion Award for his exceptional voluntary service.

“Bruce has strong relationships with children, families and everyone in our kindergarten community. His sense of humour and fun makes him well loved by the children and he plays a major role in our kindergarten, contributing a great deal to our culture and environment,” says Toshi.

“Although his vision and his hearing have been impaired and he is partially paralysed down one side of his body, he is always actively involved and is an amazing asset to our kindergarten in so many ways,” she adds.

Many community organisations wouldn’t be able to function without volunteers and people who, like Bruce, volunteer are role models to others.

Bruce is very clear about what he enjoys most about his day. “The kids,” he says and encourages others to get involved in volunteering. “If you have the time, it’s worthwhile,” he says.

To honour Bruce, Volunteer Nelson awarded him – The Car Company Community Champion Award – one of 12 Volunteer Nelson annual exceptional service awards. He also received some other goodies and a large goofy cake to share with his colleagues and kids at Stoke Kindergarten. Until writing, we were unaware it was Bruce’s birthday just this week! Happy Birthday Bruce!

To find out more about what he gets out of his volunteering and how Stoke Kindergarten and its families benefit, have a look at this video link of a feature about him on TV1’s Good Sorts, filmed in 2014: or you can read this article on Stuff:

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