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New Board Members for SASH

We are currently looking for a new Board member for SASH (Sexual Abuse Support and healing). We have had three board members move on or who have done their full term at SASH and we are looking to fill their (large) shoes. No experience of the work is needed, just an understanding of the kaupapa and a desire to support an organisation supporting people of all genders who have been sexually harmed.
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CLEAR MIND – OPEN HEART – 21 November – 19 December

CLEAR MIND – OPEN HEART is a leading-edge personal development program providing a portable toolkit of self-care strategies for enhancing your ability to respond to how you feel and support your greater wellbeing. This course will help you become more balanced and self-supporting, by combining neuroscience with practices from mindfulness, meditation and breath control. You will be guided to find the clarity and focus you need to create or enhance any aspect of your health and wellbeing, relationships or work, to more clearly reflect the true you. Your $110 course investment includes course material and individual support.
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