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Open Arms at Community Health & Movement Space

The team at Wellness Movement would like to widen the scope and fulfil the vision for this great space to benefit a broad cross section of the community. To this end they are inviting community groups to consider utilising the facility at reduced rates.

Wellness Movement comprises of two light and airy studios and a consultation room and is located upstairs on the corner of Trafalgar and New St in the historic Antice’s building. It is a collective space where a number of health and wellness professionals operate from running sessions such as restorative exercise, yoga, feldenkrais, capoeira and massage but there are times when the studios are empty. We would love to see community groups bringing clients into the space to run group sessions and we are offering this at a reduced rates.

We can also offer suggestions on tailored wellness or movement sessions that might appeal to your staff and/or clients, and line up tutors for you. There are all sorts of possibilities. Sessions could combine modalities and address things such as sleep, eating for energy and stable moods, relaxation techniques, movement labs, introductory yoga…

Our space is open around session times as well as 12-2pm most days so do feel free to drop by and have a peek at the studios if you haven’t yet discovered them. Our volunteers will be happy to show you around or email our manager Naomi Dakin for further info at [email protected]

Check out photos and info here :

We’d love to see you!

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Contact Name: Naomi Dakin

Contact Email: [email protected]

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