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Help to add a new volunteer role

It may be a while since you’ve logged on to the Volunteer Nelson online system and posted a volunteer role. Here’s a quick guide with some trouble shooting for getting back on and getting your volunteer role published and out there.

First go to the Volunteer Nelson website – and login (top right).

Login with your email address and password. (If you’ve forgotten your password follow the ‘Lost your password’ link. If you’ve even forgotten the email address you signed up with, give us a call or email.)

Once your signed in, click ‘add new’ at the bottom of the page to add a brand new volunteer role. 

Fill in role details including ‘user responsible’ and ‘expiry date’ and press ‘create’.

You’re not done quite yet. Once role is created you’ll find it listed, along with any other roles you have. Click on the ‘i’ for ‘information to view it.

IMPORTANT STEP: To publish the volunteer role you have created, press ‘Request Publication. The role will be verified by Volunteer Nelson then published.

You should be all ready to list a new volunteer role now. If you have any questions get in touch, 03 546 7681 or [email protected]

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