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Eelco Boswijk Civic Awards 2019

Nominations are now open for this year’s Eelco Boswijk Civic Awards 2019. Nominations close on 28 April, 2019

Council presents awards every three years to recognise individuals and groups who are helping to make Nelson the special place that it is?

There are five awards to recognise individuals and groups who are helping us achieve our goals as a community, in line with our vision that *Nelson is the Smart Little City: he tāone tōrire a Whakatū.

*Nelson is the Smart Little City. Nelson is a vibrant place where we are deeply connected with, and committed to, our natural, social and cultural environment. Clever business and innovation help us to thrive. We enjoy living fulfilled lives in smart, sustainable communities.

The 2019 awards are again based on categories that are shaped by our Nelson 2060 strategy, which was created in partnership with the Nelson Community. These categories are intended to be inclusive and encourage nominations for individuals and groups that make a valuable contribution to Nelson City and its people.

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