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Funding opportunities – Nelson City Council Youth Strategy

Two funding opportunities have arisen under the Nelson City Council Youth Strategy.

Council has been working with the Nelson Youth Sector Leadership Group (a group formed from the wider youth sector) to focus work presented in the Youth Strategy Action Plan. In the first year of work under this strategy the Youth Sector Leadership Group has recommended that funding should focus on goals 1 and 4. Namely, Positive Youth Development and Active Youth Citizenship. Council continues to meet the other goals through a variety of other on-going initiatives.

Council is seeking expressions of interest to undertake projects in these two areas. Both expression of interest forms can be found here: . The deadline for completed expressions of interest is 4.30pm on Thursday the 18th of April. Once received, the Nelson Youth Sector Leadership Group will review the expressions of interest and make recommendations to Council for funding.

Goal 1: Positive Youth Development

Peer-to-peer Leadership Development: We are looking to fund high-quality leadership initiatives that focus on using a peer-to-peer model where young people are recognised as both teachers and learners.
Youth into Governance: We want to fund initiatives that either focus on providing the skills young people need to take up their position at the boardroom table or to provide support to organisations who want to become more youth-led. This work might focus on training, mentoring or other innovative ways of achieving more young people being in governance more effectively.

Work under either strand must either be a new initiative or add value to an existing initiatives. Priority will be given to projects that provide benefit beyond just the applicant organisation.

Approximately 4 grants of approximately $5,000 will be available to deliver youth leadership programmes.

Goal 4: Active Youth Citizenship

This project focuses on goal 4. Specifically:

Participation: Bringing together groups of young people to explore local issues and develop appropriate youth-led responses.
Activity: Supporting young people to undertake a series of activities that meet the needs they have identified in their community.
Partnering: Supporting young people to work with others to achieve more than they could alone.

We are seeking expressions of interest to run these programmes in the following areas:

● Stoke
● Tahunanui
● Victory

Up to $20,000 will be available to each area to plan and deliver a youth participation model for their local communities and undertake activities that will promote youth participation. We envisage that only one project will be funded in each area and collaborative bids are encouraged.

Full details at:

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