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Community Networks Aotearoa Update

For those who don’t know us – Community Networks Aotearoa (CNA) is the umbrella organisation for local community networks throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Our goal is to empower and strengthen the community sector by supporting community networks across Aotearoa. Here’s a quick update.
There’s lots happening at the moment, but here’s a couple of big things to note:

  • The Charities Act 2005 is being reviewed and the Department of Internal Affairs has released a discussion document, see: It’s really important you have your say – the changes could have far reaching effects on charities. We’re putting together information on the review and will send it out in our next newsletter (8 March), our newsletters can be viewed here on the our website:
  • Do you know there have been changes to COGs funding? It appears that some money from rural areas has been reallocated to urban areas, leaving some rural COGs funding severely depleted. We are not aware of any consultation on this with communities, and we are looking into what has happened and why. Watch this space!

And finally – save the date! CNA and the NZ Council of Christian Social Services are holding our joint conference on the 27th and 28th August 2019 in Wellington. Everyone is welcome. The theme this year is Tātou tātou e (all of us together): The value of relationships in building wellbeing. Once registration opens we’ll let you know (we’ll also put information up on our website –

Community Networks Aotearoa

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