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Schools strike for climate – 15 March

Join us on Friday 15th of March from 12:30- 2:30 pm at the church steps/church hill Pikimai to demand urgent action on climate change. This is a student-led event but we encourage everyone from the community to join us. Bring your banners along and strike with us for a change.

This is a student-led event but we welcome the whole community to support and join us too! We are joining the global conversation about our future, exercising our citizenship and demanding our government do more NOW to hold global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

We encourage you to bring your lunch, water, and a sunhat along as we will eat lunch on the steps during the strike.

See you all there.

Article type: Meetings and events
Start date: March 15, 2019
Start time: 12:30 PM
End Date: March 15, 2019
End Time: 2:30 PM
Venue: Church Hill Pikimai
Church Hill Pikimai
New Zealand

Cost: $0

Contact Name: Jasmin Batley
Contact Phone: 02041082274
Contact Email: [email protected]

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