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Every office needs a dog (like Ernie)!

When you see Ernie out walking in his guide dog harness with Gordon, our Volunteer Nelson Manager in-tow, you would expect him to behave just as well back in the office. But take that harness off and behind the scenes, Ernie is an altogether different hound!

According to one office source, he once stopped outside a 2 dollar shop and peed on some plastic flowers! He also ate the whipped cream off the top of a scone about to be consumed by a well-known Tasman district figure. “And he once ate Vicki’s lunch,” says Jane. “And MINE!” adds Belinda. “And when he comes over to visit you at your desk, he’s actually after your apple core,” continues Belinda who adds… “Once at a meeting Ernie let a silent violent one rip that left two of us looking at each other tight-lipped and wide-eyed just moments before we gasped for air!”

But, despite his antics, we consider Ernie to be somewhat of a therapy dog to as all. His run up to the front door, plush toy in mouth, tail wagging is a wonderful welcome to anyone coming to the office on any day. “He loves a good massage and head rub which helps relieve any life stress we may be having,” says Jane. “And his friendly, playful nature is very relaxing,” adds Holly.

So despite his poochy behaviour, he is gentlemutt most of the time.

And if anyone had to hold him responsible for his forgivable doggy deeds, what could Ernie say in his defence?


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