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Volunteers available to you

Two fantastic opportunities for not-for-profit groups to benefit from the generosity of corporate volunteers…

Two fabulous opportunities to have some wonderful people volunteer with you!

Are you looking for Brains or Braun? We have both on offer from two corporates. One is a large technology consultancy based in Wellington and Auckland. The group is planning a conference over a weekend in March 2019 and are looking for an organisation in need of help over two days. The 100 strong team are happy to get their hands dirty and to help in whatever way is required, painting, planting; anything really! They will need to set their dates and get travel arrangements booked soon, so if you are interested, we ask you contact us as soon as possible.

The second group, is a locally owned and operated Home Builder in Nelson whose employees want to do a day of volunteering work in the community. They have a team of between 7 and 9? Does anyone need a smaller team to come and do some work for you? Let us know!

What was that about a gift horse? Thank you NZers and newcomers for all the volunteering hours you put in and also to all the non-profits (and corporate teams) making such a big difference in our communities!

If either of these opportunities interest you, contact us as soon as possible on [email protected]

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Contact Name: Jane Solly or Belinda Harte
Contact Phone: 03 546 7681
Contact Email: [email protected]

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