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New Social Security Act

The Social Security Act 2018 comes into effect on 26 November.

As you may know the new Social Security Act 2018 comes into effect on 26 November 2018. The new Act won’t change the amount and conditions of people’s benefits and entitlements but the rewrite will make the legislation clearer and simpler to follow.

It will also change the numbering of the legislation and some detail will now be found in new regulations. Some out-dated terms will be replaced with more inclusive language and plain English.


Under the new legislation Nurse Practitioners will be able to complete a wider range of medical and disability certificates and medical examinations for MSD. This will make things easier for clients, especially in rural or remote areas.


Resources to help you with the new legislation:

  • The new Act includes a Comparative table of the old and new legislation, which will help you find the new provisions.
  • A Glossary of new terms, which is on the MSD site

Soon, we will also publish a table of numbering changes on the MSD website.




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