Volunteering NZ has a brand new Chief Executive, Dr Katie Bruce.

Katie comes to Volunteering NZ from JustSpeak where, as Director, she leads a movement of young volunteers advocating for positive change in criminal justice. She has a background in academia and policy, including researching volunteering at the Third Sector Research Centre in the UK.

Katie brings a unique mix of strategic and thought leadership, advocacy skills, and the ability to work collaboratively and innovatively. These are the skills required to propel Volunteering New Zealand to the next level.

Volunteering New Zealand Board Chair Helga Wientjes, noted that “Katie isn’t afraid to speak up for change. Her advocacy skills and experience are real asset. Katie brings the capability and experience required, building on the successes of former Chief Executive Scott Miller, to lead our well-established organisation through its next stage of growth”.

Katie says that she is “excited to get stuck in as part of the Volunteering NZ team”. She is “passionate that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in and help shape their community in a country that values, supports and resources volunteering.”

Katie commences her new role at Volunteering New Zealand on 24 September 2018.