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How to support youth volunteering

At the CAN forum, speaker Peeni Henare mentioned the Prime Minister’s vision of a country where everyone is “earning, learning, caring or volunteering”, & stressed that it was important to support youth volunteering. One way to do this is by supporting Collaborate:

Yes,  there is already a really good way to support youth volunteering, by supporting Collaborate:

What is Collaborate?

It’s a phone & web-app to connect volunteers with organisations who need them.

It allows people to match their skills and interests with available volunteering opportunities & time frames.


It was created by 4 young women, 3 originally from Nelson, who are now based in Wellington.

Collaborate can be used by people anywhere, but they will be promoting it in Nelson / Tasman area in the next few months.

How can you support youth volunteering?
Here’s some ideas:

  • Check out their website:
  • Register with Collaborate if you need volunteers now, or even if you just might need some in future.
  • Like or follow Collaborate on facebook:
  • Don’t stop there! Be proactive in liking, sharing & commenting on their posts.  (Facebook brings posts that have more activity to the top of the feed.)
  • Think about what opportunities YOUR organisation could offer youth volunteers – remember the great thing about Collaborate is it can accommodate any sorts of volunteering schedules, from one-off to ongoing, regular or casual, and all types of skills.
  • When a person contacts you offering to volunteer, make sure you REPLY to their offer, even if you don’t need help at the time.

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