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Invite to join our Dementia Friends Programme

Please join Alzheimers NZ’s new Dementia Friends Programme, which aims to raise Dementia awareness and support.
Every action counts, from learning about Dementia, to wearing a Dementia Friend badge/wristband, through to practical help or social support. Visit or call Alzheimers Nelson on 03 546 7702 or 0800 004 001

You are invited to join Alzheimers NZ’s new Dementia Friends Programme

Alzheimers Nelson invites you to become a Dementia Friend today and join a growing community of people helping to make New Zealand a more supportive, inclusive and understanding place for people living with dementia by joining up at:


Every action a Dementia Friend takes counts. Actions can range from getting a better understanding and appreciation of dementia, to wearing a badge or a wristband to let people know they are a Dementia Friend, through to perhaps helping someone living with dementia to do something they might like help with or enjoy.

Please ring our office 03 5467702 or  0800 004 001 if you would like to put your name down for the face-to-face programme.

Article type: Training

Contact Name: Heather Lackner
Contact Phone: 05 546 7702
Contact Email: [email protected]

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