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Baby Massage Classes – 6 March

Baby Massage Intro classes – Be in touch

This introductory class combines various massage techniques (Frédérick Leboyer, Indian Baby Massage, Gentle Touch) and will give you the opportunity to practice and find your own way to massage your baby.

Next Baby Massage class at the Wee Studio in Ruby Bay is on Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 2:30-4pm.

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Benefits of baby massage

Baby Massage is a wonderful tool that can help you on your parenting journey.

Overall balancing effect
Baby-Massage has a calming and strengthening effect on your baby. It balances birth traumas and the physical impact of the birthing process, helps with body integration (coming into the body), brain wiring and motor function, enhances muscle development, strengthens immune-system, muscle mass & nervous system and supports a healthy brain to muscle stimulation.

Babies are exposed to a whole new world after they are born, and for most of them it is a huge challenge to cope with their new environment and new reality. Baby massage can ease the way and help the baby to adjust.

Strengthens mother-baby relationship
Massaging defines the future relationship with your baby and helps you to develop a deep connection. Baby-Massage is a powerful tool to balance most common baby “issues” (cry babies, restlessness, digestive problems, sleep issues, etc.). There are also studies that show that babies who have been massaged during the first year of their lives are healthier and emotionally more balanced.

More information & inquiries: Wee Wellbeing Studio, [email protected] or text 027 7178 578.
Also check out our “Mama specials” – and please don’t let your financial situation interfere with your needs! We are open to talk and find a solution with and for you!

Article type: Training
Start date: March 6, 2018
Start time: 2:30 PM

End Time: 4.00 PM
Venue: Wee Wellbeing Studio, 155 Stafford Drive, Ruby Bay/Mapua

Contact Name: Birgit Baader

Contact Email: [email protected]

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